SSP (Statutory Sick Pay)

Processing payments for employees who are off work due to illness, ensuring compliance with SSP regulations and eligibility criteria.

SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), SPP (Statutory Paternity Pay), SPP (Statutory Adoption Pay)

Calculating and processing payments for employees on maternity, paternity, or adoption leave, in accordance with statutory requirements.

Pension Deductions

Deducting employee contributions from salaries and wages and ensuring compliance with pension scheme regulations, including auto-enrolment requirements.

Attachment of Earnings

Processing court-ordered deductions from employee wages, such as for child maintenance or tax debts.


Managing the payroll process for new employees (starters) and processing final payments for employees leaving the company (leavers), including issuing P45 forms.

PAYE End of Year Procedures

Completing and submitting end of year procedures to HMRC, including providing employees with P60 forms detailing their earnings and tax deductions for the tax year. Also, preparing and submitting P11D forms for employees who have received taxable benefits.

Input and Submit Pension Data

Inputting employee and employer pension contributions into third-party pension software systems in accordance with auto-enrolment regulations.

Dealing with Tax Year End Submissions

Completing and submitting year-end payroll returns and declarations to HMRC, including Real-Time Information (RTI) submissions. This includes ensuring accurate reporting of earnings, tax deductions, and other payroll-related information for the tax year.

P60 Issuance

Issuing P60 forms to employees at the end of each tax year, summarising their total earnings and tax deductions for the year. P60 forms are required for employees who are employed at the end of the tax year (5th April).

RTI Submissions

Ensuring that RTI submissions are made accurately and on time to HMRC, providing details of employee earnings, tax, and National Insurance contributions on or before each payroll run.

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