With fewer individuals entering the accounting field, coupled with an ageing population and the tendency for qualified accountants to exit the industry, UK companies face a significant challenge in hiring suitable accountants for their businesses.

Our Proposal:

Samera Global is looking to form strategic partnerships with recruitment agencies that have traditionally placed candidates in various accounting positions. We offer a solution to the scarcity of accountancy personnel in the UK by providing access to a pool of highly qualified accountants from our remote-based team in India. These professionals are well-versed in UK accounting practices, possess excellent English communication skills, and are eager to work with international firms.

Cost-Effective and Skilled Workforce:

One of the key benefits we offer is the cost-effectiveness of Indian professionals, who have significantly lower salary expectations than their UK counterparts for equivalent roles. 

We estimate UK firms will save at least 50% on such roles.

Roles We Can Fill include:


Accounts Assistant

Management Accountant

Tax Accountant

Year End Accountant

Financial Controller

Data Analysts

Most financial roles

Our Working Model:

Samera Global will employ the chosen accountant through our Indian entity, while your client will engage with us to provide the staffing solutions they need. The team member based in India will effectively be an extension of the UK client’s team, usually working UK hours.

Large companies have been doing this for many years, now with the technology available today and Samera’s knowledge of the sector in both countries, smaller businesses can benefit from such solutions.

Collaboration Benefits:

For recruitment firms with connections to Finance Directors, this is an ideal opportunity to meet client needs for accounting and finance roles. 

We offer a finder’s fee of 20% of the first-year income for every successful referral.

For Further Information


Arun Mehra

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Arun Mehra FCA on 07980 689474.

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