We are accountants trying to make life easier for the world’s accountants.

We’ve been in the UK’s accounting sector for nearly 30 years.

We understand the complexities of compliance, the intricacies of each industry and the importance of an expert accounting team.

We tried offshoring and outsourcing ourselves and it didn’t work. We knew we could do it better because we knew exactly what accountants really wanted.

ICAEW Chartered Accountants

We prioritise

In everything we do, we prioritise: 

  • Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in finance and accounting.
  • Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing finance functions can significantly reduce overhead costs and improve profitability.
  • Scalability: We offer scalable solutions to adapt to your business growth and changing needs.
  • Compliance: Strict adherence to regulatory requirements ensures legal compliance and risk mitigation.

With our help, you’ll build an expert, cost-effective team that grows as you grow and ensures your work is completed to the highest level. 

Accountants don’t want to outsource their work. What they really want is the right team for their work.

That’s what we do. We help accountants build the perfect team that works solely for them. A team which aligns with their vision and helps realise their goals. 

All you need to do is let us know what problems you are facing and we will find the perfect solution.

Video Testimonials

Case Studies

Small UK Accountancy Firm.


The Problem

This UK small accountancy firm had been using offshore team members for a number of years, mainly using team members from the Philippines.

However, the owner of the firm was finding that the offshore staff’s quality of work was dropping, and the offshore firm was finding it difficult to find new team members to join offshore to help the small UK accountancy firm.

The owner had been very patient and explored other offshore firms in the Philippines but everyone that joined only stayed for a couple of weeks, which had a very negative impact on his firm and its clients.


The Solution

At the end of his tether, the client approached Samera Global, and we listened to his concerns.

Initially sceptical, considering his experience with offshoring, he gave us a chance to find him suitable team members.

Through initially understanding the roles he required for his firm, we then devised specific job descriptions for the roles required.

Then through our HR team based in India, we set about the process of finding suitable candidates. Numerous interviews were carried out with candidates, language tests, and accounting tests were also carried out until the field was narrowed down to a few select candidates.

The client then interviewed each candidate, putting them through a series of assessments.

Once he had assessed each candidate he then decided to take-on board 4 candidates. One team manager, one bookkeeper, one year-end accountant and one tax accountant.


The Result

The impact of getting the offshore right team members in place has been significant for this UK firm. It has freed the owner up from the day-to-day issues of all the compliance work, and allowed him to focus on building the firm, getting new clients and building relationships with existing clients, knowing that much of the core compliance work is being taken care of by the Samera Global offshore team.

UK Accountancy Firm needing an experienced team quickly to win a large and highly profitable piece of business.


The Problem

This UK accountancy had recently won a new large piece of business, doing the book-keeping and accounts payable side of things for a £ 15 million turnover company.

The company had grown fast, and had implemented Xero, but when the accounting firm got involved it was evident that things had been implemented very poorly and with no clear structure.

Despite winning the business, the accountancy firm needed an army of experienced Xero bookkeepers to get things in shape as quickly as possible.

The accounting firm had drafted a standard set of procedures but they were struggling to find bookkeepers to help with all the backlog and then ensuring the monthly accounts going forward are done correctly.


The Solution

The accounting firm approached Samera Global with the remit of needing a team of experienced bookkeepers to get things moving swiftly.

A clear job description detailing experience was drafted with the accounting firm, and then Samera Global set about doing what they do best – finding the best talent available for the role.

Looking internally within Samera Global and also externally, a team of bookkeepers was identified, interviewed by the client and the accountancy firm, and started swiftly on the job at hand.


The Result

A happy business, and a very happy accounting firm, as it proved to be the largest and most profitable piece of business they had won. Without the assistance of the Samera Global team, they would not have been able to deliver this standard of work to help them grow their firm.

UK firm struggling to hire suitable UK team members.


The Problem

For several years this accountancy firm had been struggling with hiring suitable UK team members, a series of departures and some bad luck, this firm was great at winning new business but was struggling to retain suitable team members.

After some consideration, they thought about offshoring much of the client work, whilst the senior team would focus on the business getting new clients – something they enjoyed and were good at.

The firm had identified they needed a core compliance team that they could build a relationship with that would be able to do most of the day-to-day compliance work.


The Solution

The firm had approached various outsourcing and offshoring firms, and felt that having a dedicated offshore team that would work their UK hours was probably the best solution for them.

They had a requirement for 2 team managers, 2 tax accountants, 2 year-end accountants and 4 bookkeepers.

Samera Global defined clear job descriptions for each role, agreed these with the client and set about their recruitment process.

Over a period of 4 months the whole team was hired, on-boarded and commenced working for the accountancy firm, Each person doing the role they were required to do.


The Result

The result has been phenomenal.

By having a stable team, this has allowed the senior management to focus on their growth strategy of getting new quality clients, which have grown very well.

A stable team, coupled with quality clients, has increased the profitability of the firm by over 60%.

They will be coming back for new team members as they grow their client base, another great result all around.


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