Prepare and review tax returns for individuals, businesses, and other entities, ensuring accuracy and compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations.

Analyse financial data, including income, expenses, deductions, and credits, to determine tax liabilities or refunds.

Collaborate with clients and internal teams to gather necessary documentation and information for tax return preparation.

Ensure compliance with UK tax laws and regulations, including income tax, corporation tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), and other applicable taxes.

Stay updated on changes to tax laws and regulations and communicate relevant updates to stakeholders.

Assist with tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing tax benefits for the organisation.

Prepare and submit tax filings, including self-assessment tax returns, corporation tax returns, VAT returns, and other required submissions to HMRC.

Ensure timely and accurate submission of tax returns and payments to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Monitor tax deadlines and proactively manage the tax filing calendar to ensure compliance.

Provide tax advisory and support services to clients and internal teams, addressing tax-related inquiries and providing guidance on tax implications of business decisions.

Collaborate with external tax advisors or consultants on complex tax matters or special projects.

Tax Technology and Process Improvement:

Utilize tax software and technology tools to streamline tax processes and enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Identify opportunities for process improvements and automation in tax processing workflows.

Participate in tax software implementation projects and provide training and support to team members on tax software usage.

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