Marketing Strategies

to gain High Quality International Clients for your Offshoring and Outsourcing Indian CA Firm.

10 August 2024 - 10:30 (IST) Online

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Marketing Strategies

In this ½ day course, Arun Mehra FCA, will cover the following:

  1. What are International firms seeking from Indian CA’s?
  2. What are the challenges facing international accountancy firms?
  3. The importance of building trust with international firms.
  4. Steps to Build with International firms.
  5. Why most Indian CA’s won’t get International clients.
  6. Core Marketing Strategies to implement to gain International clients.
  7. How to build a go to brand for International clients to trust.

Arun Mehra

Who is Arun Mehra FCA?

With almost twenty years of commercial experience and knowledge in business, Arun’s expertise is valued by hundreds of businesses across the UK. His financial acumen and know-how, along with his hands-on commercial expertise have helped clients, large and small, new and established to achieve great things.

His energy and passion for helping clients is infectious and leading his team to do their best is at the top of his list of business priorities. He has a vast network of experienced contacts he can draw on to help clients when needed.

Arun is the founder of the Samera Group, starting the business with just one client sitting at his father’s dining table. Twenty years on, Team Samera now service hundreds of Healthcare clients, run exciting events, help clients raise finance, and are very active in helping clients buy or sell their businesses.

In addition, through Samera Global, Arun helps other accountants with their resourcing and offshoring needs.

Outside of his business interests, he is an active member of his local community, a regular fundraiser for many charitable organisations and a trustee of the Dental Emergency charity, Bridge2Aid. Arun enjoys cycling, endurance sports, adventure travel and reads a lot. Arun is also a keen gardener and very proud of his new vegetable patch.

His ambition is to visit every country in his lifetime, he still has quite a few to go but has planned these for when (or if) he retires!

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