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The world has shrunk significantly.

Accelerated by COVID we all have access to potential team members across the world.

Even the smallest accountancy firm based in the UK or USA can hire someone thousands of miles away to prepare a tax return. Rather than struggle and hire someone costly who may not meet your expectations, increasing numbers of accountancy firms are looking at alternative providers overseas to support their firms, including Samera Global, our offshoring firm.

We have all received the cold calls and the spam emails saying they can offer an offshore or outsourced solution at unbelievably low prices. But as we all know, it’s so important to do your due diligence if you are going to work with a third party thousands of miles away. 

Offshore or Outsource With Us

With an increasingly difficult environment to hire suitable financial professionals in the UK, Europe and the USA our team is ready and able to help you with all your accountancy and finance needs.

What Can We Help With?

Set up a dedicated Offshore Accountancy Team

We can help you set up your very own 100% dedicated offshore accountancy team.


So you can have your team help support the growth of your firm.

Services you can offshore or outsource to us

Our expert accounting team can help you with almost any accounting requirement!

If your business needs help with processing or managing accounts, finance or tax, our global team of accountancy experts are ready to help.

We provide solutions to both accountancy firms and businesses, ensuring you have a strong, well-trained team that can support you with all your accounting needs.

Our Services

Payroll and Pensions

From small start-ups to established corporations, we provide efficient, accurate and trusted payroll management services for businesses across the world – no matter their size or number of employees.

There’s no need anymore to hire an in-house payroll administrator or accounting team. All you need is the help of an experienced and qualified payroll manager. 

When you outsource your payroll administration, you can be sure that you are safe in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. You and your staff can concentrate on doing what they do best by letting us do what we do best. 

Our pensions experts will look after the financial future of your business and your staff, ensuring they are processed accurately, securely and quickly. 


No matter what size your business is or what industry you’re in, our outsourced bookkeeping experts can manage and process all of your bookkeeping needs.

Whether you are a business in need of an accounting team or an accountant yourself looking for help processing your client’s finances, we can help.

From preparing statements and processing invoices to cash flow management and reconciliation, our experts will take the worry out of bookkeeping.

Our bookkeeping process is completely digital, automated and streamlined. We will save you time, money and effort with your accounts, finances and tax.

Our real-time accounts management gives you quick and easy access to all your information, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions to benefit your business.

Cloud Accounting

Our outsourced cloud accounting offers your business a streamlined, digital accounting service at a far lower cost than hiring a full in-house accounting team. 

The process we use is simple, quick and secure, allowing you to save time, money and effort on your accounts and tax. 

We have been championing digital accounting software and cloud storage for years. The days of paper files are over and it’s time for your business to go digital with its accounts and tax. 

Our accounts and tax experts can process your accounts and manage your finances without the need to recruit, train and pay salaries for a dedicated accounting team. 

Any sized business. Any accounting problem. Any industry. If you need help with your accounts, finances and taxes, our team is ready and waiting to help you.

Tax Returns and Planning

Not only will we help you manage and process your tax returns, but our experts can also help with tax planning and strategies to ensure your business tax structure is optimised.

Whether you are self-employed, an employee or a business owner, we can make sure you are only paying exactly what you need to.

Don’t add to the stress of owning or running a business. Let us do the worrying for you by handling all your tax requirements.

Our process is digital, automated and streamlined. We use the latest in cloud accounting software and are completely Making Tax Digital ready.

Whether you need help with your self-assessment, corporation tax, R&D relief or tax planning, we can help.

Not only that, if you are worried about or struggling to pay your tax bill, Samera Finance can help source the perfect tax loan to help out.

VAT Services

When you outsource your VAT requirements to our experts, you never have to worry about VAT registration, changing legislation or deadlines again. 

Our team will handle everything from assessing whether you even need to charge VAT, to processing and submitting VAT returns, refunds and everything in between. 

We use the latest in cloud accounting software and we are completely Making Tax Digital ready. 

There is no need to find, recruit, train and pay for your own in-house VAT manager. Our experts can handle the full process quicker, easier and cheaper.

Sales Invoices and Accounts Payable

We can handle your invoices and accounts payable needs, making sure your business, your clients and your suppliers are paid on time and correctly.

Don’t waste time worrying about invoices, communications and deadlines. When you outsource your accounts payable and invoices requirements to expert accountants like us, you can be sure that your pills are paid, you are paid what you’re owed and your cash flow is safe.

However or whenever the invoices are received, whenever the deadlines are and however much is owed – we can make sure the whole process is taken care of.

Practice Management

Whatever you need help with, if you run a business then we can help manage it. Our business consultants and administrators will help with everything from first forming a company to day-to-day financial and accounts management to selling up or liquidating the company. And everything in between! 

Don’t waste time worrying about the accounts, the payroll, the bookkeeping, the taxes and all the other necessary evils of running a business. Let us handle the back-office so you can concentrate on what your business does best. 

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, by outsourcing your back-office function to a trusted accountant like us, you can save vital money and time.


Do you have further questions?

If so, please send us a message via our contact form.

We are unsure about setting up our offshoring needs, how can you help us?

Offshoring your accountancy work is a big decision. We can help you evaluate the right option for you. Initially, you may want to use our team, but when you are ready we can help you set up your very own 100% owned dedicated facility.

Why should I choose Samera over any of your competitors?

Our offering is unique in the outsourcing industry, as we have qualified accountants in the UK and India supporting all our outsourcing client needs. Qualified accountants in both continents will ensure the quality of delivery and communication will be of the highest standard.

How would my practice begin working with you?

Initially, we have a fact-finding meeting before we commence any work. It’s vital for us to understand your business or practice, so we can then understand your needs.

We are well versed in mapping out workflows which will then become the foundation of our outsourcing relationship.

Once we have agreed on the full scope of the work involved we will then propose suitable team members and also technology requirements before we commence any work.

We are a small start-up accounting firm. Will you work with us?

Yes. Absolutely. We work with accounting firms of all sizes across the UK and Europe. In fact, many firms have started small with us and grown on to become large well-established practices. Our friendly UK and India team are available to help firms of all sizes.

We are an accounting practice. How can we trust that you will not take clients away from us?

Our goal is to support you with your accountancy needs – period. As a firm of Chartered Accountants based in the UK, we know all the issues you are facing to run an efficient profitable firm.

Trust is at the heart of what we do, so it is firm-wide policy to support our fellow clients, including accountancy firms, this means we will not approach any of your clients to take on their business.

This is our standard operating procedure. In addition, our agreement covers all areas of mutual non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure. So, you can trust us 100%.

What is your data security guarantee?

We are fully compliant to GDPR data protection regulations and we are an information commissioner’s office (ICO) registered UK organisation. 

We comply with all the latest regulations in managing data and can assure you we have strict controls in place to ensure all your data is protected.

All data remains in the UK, on UK servers.

We are a UK Limited company. We want full-service accounting and to act as our representative for any enquiries. Can you do that?

Absolutely. We can work with you, as long as you are not a client of an accounting firm whom we work with. 

We can manage your bookkeeping, prepare and file your VAT returns, produce monthly management reports, and prepare your yearend accounts. We are registered agents with HMRC and so we can also file your accounts online. We can also manage enquiries from HMRC and Companies house on your behalf. We can fulfil all the necessary statutory requirements for you acting as your accountants.

How competent and qualified are your accounting staff?

All our Indian accountants have several years of accounting experience and are formally qualified at university. They have worked on UK accounting projects for many years. All the new staff are trained for UK accounting rules and regulations by UK-qualified accountants. Work will be fully reviewed by UK-qualified accountants before it reaches you. Our UK accountants are accredited by the ICAEW, ACCA and CIMA.

What are your service terms? What is our commitment to outsourcing engagement?

We work on a monthly basis with all clients. We allocate a dedicated suitably qualified staff member for your business needs on a monthly basis. We do not offer an hourly-based service as we feel to offer a seamless approach to our clients our team needs to work in a fully integrated manner with you and your team.

We have a 3-month notice period for all engagements.

Why large companies should choose us?

If you represent a larger corporate, and you want a good honest accounting outsourcing firm, that will do absolutely wonderful work, and personal care and will do everything to please you, then do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, we bring in futuristic technology expertise such as robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

More questions than answers?

Not a problem, we can help you!

At Samera Global you have two clear options with us, use our offshore team, or we can assist you with setting up your own offshore team. Simple.

Get in touch if you want answers to the questions and are considering setting up your own offshore facility.

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