“Your team culture is the key to you and your firms’ success”

As an accountancy firm ourselves, we fully understand the importance of your team and the culture you have created over the years.

We know your people are the most important aspect of your firm, and are keen to talk to practices that focus on their team culture, and are seeking to make their teams even stronger, as we know this will help you achieve the exit valuation you desire and deserve.

Arun Mehra

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Maximising the Value of your
Accountancy Firm on Sale.


The Opportunity

An opportunity to collaborate with us to maximise the exit value of your Accountancy firm through increasing your firm’s profitability over a period of 5 years.


Focusing on your Strengths

We firmly believe your firm should focus on its strengths of building stronger connections with your clients. Through the smart use of AI, technology and offshoring, we can help you grow your firms value.


Why Collaborate Now?

The UK accountancy sector is going through significant change.

Change brings challenges, but also opportunities, and we believe by bringing together like-minded firms we can pool our expertise and all gain from the changing landscape.


Our Business Model

At Samera Global we are seeking to purchase firms at prevailing market rates. This will provide a liquidity event for the vendor with a significant cash payment, and with a proportion of the funds received reinvested into Samera Global for a minimum commitment period.


Whole > Sum of the Parts

Small, private accountancy firms typically transact at much lower profit multiples compared to their larger counterparts. 

By coming together, we believe the whole is worth significantly more than the sum of the parts.

Trending Up

Significant Value Creation

Your shareholding in a larger entity with greater profitability will be much more attractive to larger buyers, ensuring your ultimate exit value will be significantly more than selling via a traditional approach.

Arun Mehra

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Our Criteria

We are keen to discuss this opportunity with accountancy firms that have the following attributes:

Auto Renew

Turnover up to £2m gross recurring fees.


Progressive forward-thinking owners.


Digitally focused firms.


Current owners seeking to stay on for some time.


EBITDA of £100,000+ after paying the owner’s salary.


A desire to grow the accountancy firm further with our help if required.

Credit Card

Seeking a significant cash payment on sale plus shares in the Holdco on sale.

Why Us

We have a wealth of experience in the accountancy sector and a commitment to maximise the value of other firm owners’ hard work with the best valuation on final exit.

We appreciate you have other options available, but if you are looking for an alternative exit strategy with the potential for a much greater return, then please do get in touch.

Arun Mehra

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